In My Opinion: Mark Gorman: Boom! We’re back!

TODAY’S Bellwether report for Q2 2013 shows that confidence in the marketing community is at a six-year high.

The net balance of those marketers revising their budget upward (as opposed to downward) is +7.3 per cent. Okay, hardly time to pull out the Stogies, but positive nonetheless.

Marketing spend does seem to reflect business confidence and the fact that Bellwether is so bullish does, in my opinion, reflect what I feel is happening on the street.

Let’s be honest, this downturn has been absolutely gruesome and relentless. Maybe it’s just the sunshine turning my head but I’m optimistic that Bellwether really is one of our best economic indicators and that, yes, the corner is slowly turning.

Mark Gorman is an independent marketing consultant operating under the banner, ‘Think Hard’. He has over 25 years of experience in advertising, design, direct marketing, PR, professional writing (especially blogging), business mentoring, digital marketing and research. He was co-founder of the former advertising agency, 1576.