Carat swaps ‘Edinburgh’ for ‘Scotland’ following acquisition of rival

THE media buying and planning agency, Carat Edinburgh, has been renamed Carat Scotland following the acquistion of an Edinburgh-based rival, Media Vision.

Says Carat owners, Aegis Media, Media Vision was founded in 1997, led by managing director, Sue Holloway, and specialised in  “offline planning and buying, and digital and online advertising, with strengths in the retail, travel and public sectors”.

Continues Aegis: “With a strong understanding of local business needs and an established position within the Scottish business community, Media Vision is responsible for approximately a quarter of all planning and buying of advertising media in Scotland.

“The acquisition will see Media Vision and Carat Edinburgh, Aegis Media’s existing business in Scotland and the leading media agency in Scotland based on advertising spend, merge to become Carat Scotland. Media Vision’s managing director, Sue Holloway, will hold the position of chief executive of Carat Scotland, and Carat Edinburgh’s Charlotte Bell will be Carat Scotland’s managing director.”