Media Podcasts: The Stack, Monocle 24

UBER-cool magazine, The Monocle, is the brainchild of Canadian journalist, Tyler Brûlé, famous for – among other things -founding the style and fashion magazine, Wallpaper.

The Monocle is published ten times a year and comprises – it says here on its equally stunning website – over 2,500 pages of editorial a year from around the world.

And among various podcasts – such as film, urban living and planning and food and drink – produced by the magazine’s audio service, Monocle 24, is one devoted to looking “at the future of print media from magazines to newspapers”.

On a weekly basis. Each lasting a chunky hour or thereabouts.

It’s a typically cool musical start to the most recent episode (No.61) of The Stack.

Except that, on this occasion, usual host, Brûlé, is only a guest contributor – from Switzerland, where, he explains, newsstands bulge with newspaper titles, from both at home and abroad, invariably supplemented with a print-on-demand service, to add to the choice on offer.

Stand-in host, Tom Edwards, also asks whether it is currently a ‘golden age’ for cycling magazines (with Guy Andrews – editor of Rouleur magazine) and chats with Steve Watson, an “innovative” distributor of independent magazines.

Listen to the podcast here.

PS Check out episode 59, for a discussion of plans to produce the Financial Times – for which Brûlé writes a weekly column – as a single, global edition.

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