Media Kit: A digital SLR camera for circa £350, the Nikon D3200

From 303 customer reviews on the website, Amazon, some 242 awarded five stars to this digital SLR camera.

It’s the Nikon D3200, given a pretty decent write up on, among others, the website,, which – as well as giving some useful guidelines on purchasing, in general, a digital SLR – says: “The Nikon D3200 is a well-balanced choice to introduce you to the world of DSLR. Recently replaced by the D5300, which is a relatively subtle upgrade, the price of the D3200 continues to drop, thus making it an affordable offering in the market.”

In a review in 2012, it was given four out of five stars.

And certainly, Amazon is claiming – at the time of writing – that it’s down in price from £649.99 to £359.

And on the website,, there’s four stars from the website and five from ‘viewers’.

And a nine-out-of-ten review from speaks for itself…

Buy it, here.