Here’s a Tip for You: Sign up to SmartCall, if you are a Virgin Media subscriber

IF our understanding is correct, it works like this…

You have a smartphone and using it – not least, abroad – is going to rack up costs.

But at the same time, you subscribe to Virgin Media and its landline telephone package.

So, via a downloadable app, you can use your mobile phone to make a call via your landline, so that the cost is absorbed into your landline telephone deal (and therefore potentially rendered ‘free’) and not added to your mobile bill.

To make the connection between your mobile and your landline telephone requires being hooked up to wi-fi.

Says VirginMedia: “Unleash your home phone talk plan on your smartphone with our awesome free app – and save oodles of cash on your mobile bills. All you need is an eligible Virgin Media Phone talk plan, an iPhone or Android smartphone and a working WiFi connection!”

For the iOS app, go here and for the Android one, go here.