Media Broth: Giving it laldy

YOU have to credit The Scotsman for asking the question.

As everyone was raving about the Commonwealth Games, just finished in Glasgow, The Scotsman, last Monday, included a handsome, double-page spread asking its sportswriters to review the previous 11 days of action.

Of course, they too raved about it. But they were also each asked to identify their Games ‘lowlight’.

Among the answers, Stuart Bathgate’s: “Journalists, in a press conference, asking Usain Bolt for a selfie. Self-indulgent and unprofessional.”

* * *

THANKS to the Media Monkey column in The Guardian for spotting this: “[Scots broadcaster] Eddie Mair’s reaction on Twitter to Lord Coe pulling out of the BBC Trust chairmanship race: ‘It is surely time for one man to come forward: Steve Ovett.'”

* * *

THE BBC’s coverage of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow occasionally enjoyed introducing viewers to a selection of classic ‘weegie words’.

Which might help explain the popularity of Betty Kirkpatrick’s just-published eBook.

Kirkpatrick’s ‘Favourite Scots Words’ is No.1 in the Amazon Store’s ‘slang and word’ list (here).

The Scot has worked in publishing for 50 years, including editing Roget’s Thesaurus, Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary and the Oxford Paperback Thesaurus.

Buy her book, as a Kindle edition, here.

* * *

FAR be it for allmediascotland to enjoy a spelling error or ‘Freudian slip’ made by somebody else; it makes enough of its own.

But when a broadcaster gets wrong the name of the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, there is something rather delicious.

So, it wasn’t Ofcom being namechecked on Thursday evening’s edition of BBC Scotland’s Reporting Scotland, but ‘Offcom’.

Surely they weren’t trying to say something…

* * *

COLUMNIST and (clearly) Better Together supporter, Jenny Hjul, frets (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) that a prominent supporter of Scots independence is to temporarily become a next door neighbour. As she writes, here, he represents ‘the enemy’.

But she declines to name him.

So, the Sunday Herald does some digging (here)…. to reveal it’s actor, David Hayman.

* * *

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