Media Kit: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

NOT on the shelves yet, but the subject of an announcement on Tuesday – watch it here – the next generation of iPhones appear to have captured people’s imaginations, not least because of their bigger screen size and new camera features.

Plus their soon-to-be-available and new ‘Apple Pay’ facility (at least in the US, but no doubt…) backed by a robust-sounding security technology.

Reviews thus far seem to be positive. The iPhone 6 will be bigger than its predecessors, with the 6 Plus bigger still (and also offering a superior – optical as opposed to digital – image stabilisation facility to counter any camera shake).

The magazine, Macworld, reviews the iPhone 6 here and the iPhone 6 Plus here. It says pre-ordering can be done from today.

Consumer technology website, CNET, reviews the devices, here.

And Ars Technica website reviews them, here.

During the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus announcement, the CEO of Apple Inc, Tim Cook, said: “Today, we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone.”