Publicity club party gets makeover

CHANGES this year to the look and feel of an Edinburgh-based PR and marketing network are to be extended to its Christmas party: instead of a potential 12-hour drinking session, it is to be much more civilised, and certainly an event members can more confidently take clients too.

The party – on the 14th of next month, at the Balmoral Hotel – is for the first time in the history of the Edinburgh Publicity Club to begin early evening, as opposed to lunchtime, as in the past.

“It is partly member feedback that’s led to the change in timing,” says chair, Sarah Ronald.

“The industry is changing and a lot of people can’t justify a whole day out the office. We are trying something new, which is entirely in keeping with a lot of things that have been happening to the EPC recently.

“We’ve redesigned our website, we have a new logo, our newsletter is back, up and running, and we’ve done so well recruiting new members to the revamped EPC, membership has doubled, to about 200.”