Mackenzie to maintain links with Scottish Field publisher

THE outgoing editor of Scottish Field lifestyle magazine is to retain a link with the title’s publishers.

Archie Mackenzie is to retire editing Scottish Field, after 15 years in the position. But he is remain an editorial director at Wyvex Media.

Under Mackenzie’s editorship, the magazine has retained and consolidated its affluent and influential readership but carefully-considered revamps have also seen its readership appeal grow to include a much wider lifestyle audience.

Says Mackenzie: “Many pople are initially familiar with the magazine – after all it’s been a Scottish staple since 1903; however, those that haven’t had a good look at the new Scottish Field are pleasantly surprised by its wide-ranging lifestyle content.

“I have enjoyed tremendously my time as Scottish Field editor and look forward to working on other projects in my capacity as editorial director with publishers, Wyvex Media.”