Peace breaks out over Parliament ‘booze ban’

POLITICAL hacks reporting the Scottish Parliament have lifted their self-imposed ban on using the building’s restaurant and bar. On Wednesday, the Scottish Political Journalists’ Association lifted the ban at 12.15; it is understood that, within 15 minutes, the first round had been ordered.

The ban has been in place since Holyrood opened, almost two years ago.

First, it was the Scottish Parliament banning the hacks, relenting only slightly by saying they’d be welcome on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Then, it became possible for hacks to gain access on Wednesdays and Thursdays as well, but only if accompanied by an MSP.

The SPJA’s response was to insist on a boycott. But further negotiations has resulted in MSPs having slightly preferential treatment in the booking of tables in the building’s restaurant, with the SPJA only too happy to accept the offer of unfettered access to the bar.