Scottish newsagents to take Daily Star price fears to MSPs

CONCERNS among Scottish newsagents that the sales margin on the Daily Star of Scotland newspaper no longer makes it worth stocking it are to be taken to MSPs and MPs.

Says a statement issued this morning by the National Federation of Retail Newsagents: “Scottish retailers are to tell MPs and MSPs in no uncertain terms how the cut on the cover price of the Daily Star will threaten the future of independent newsagents.

“Their concerns follow the decision by the Daily Star to cut its cover price to 20p, giving retailers 4.84p profit for the sale of newspapers, less additional cost for carriage service charge for the delivery of the paper.”

The move follows a meeting of the Scottish Council of the NFRN, reported earlier this week on The decision to approach politicans received unanimous backing.

The Edinburgh-based Scottish president of the NFRN, Abdul Qadar, is quoted in the statement, saying: “Retailers have gained nothing in the price war in Scotland over the last ten years. The cover price for all ‘redtop’ newspapers should be a minimum of 60p per copy. I am not prepared to stand back and see families of hardworking independent retailers suffer at the hands of publishers.”

The statement also quotes Aberdeen retailer, Jim Maitland, saying he could make £24 for selling 40 Slush-Puppy cups compared to £1.94 from selling 40 Star newspapers.

And David Woodrow, a Paisley retailer, saying: “Enough is enough – I have halved my supply of the Star newspaper. I also act as a sub-retailer and gave my customers two options – to take a cut in margin or take a different paper – they chose the latter.”

It is being widely speculated that the Daily Star will reduce in price to 10p from the first of next month, though the 4.84p margin for retailers will remain in place.

allmediascotland is seeking a response from the Daily Star of Scotland publishers – Express Newspapers.