Poster Keeps Star Readers 'In the Loop' Over Stocking Boycott

Scottish newsagents dissatisfied with the sales margin on the Daily Star of Scotland have been issued a poster urging customers to buy an alternative newspaper.

The notice, which has been made available by the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN), aims to keep Star customers “in the loop”, explaining why the newspaper is no longer on sale whilst encouraging them to purchase another title.

Reads the sign, the use of which is open to the discretion of individual members: “The Daily Star has reduced its selling price and allowance to retailers below the point that I can make a living and is, therefore, no longer on sale in this shop.

“Please support your local newsagent by choosing an alternative newspaper.”

The NFRN – which has 1500 members in Scotland and 18,000 UK-wide – provided the poster inside this month’s issue of membership magazine, The Fed, amid concerns among newsagents over an alleged 4.84p margin for the sale of the Star.

Scottish President, Abdul Qadar, told allmediascotland: “The Federation produced the poster but it was left to individual newsagents to use or not to use. It was not a recommendation.

“It was purely the newsagents choice. This is the only way some of us newsagents are able to make our voice heard.”

He continued: “Feelings are running quite high and I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a large number of newsagents are going down this route.

“It was in no way an instruction because the competition issues involved mean we are not in a position to instruct anybody to do anything.

“But it was there for the fact that people want to vent their anger and this was trying to keep the general public in the loop as to why their paper is no longer available in the shop.”