Hickey Hits out at Evening Times

Hickey, the Scottish Daily Express diarist, appears to have given up his predilection for taking random pot-shots at The Scotsman …but has, instead, found a new media hate target: the Evening Times, Glasgow.

The intrepid Hickey reports today: “It seems that Crazed Nat public ‘health’ gauleiter Ms Shona Robison can rely on Glasgow’s Evening Times to help in the doomed crusade to turn citizens into lean, pearly-toothed, Tofu-munching health freaks instead of the gross, toothless, squint-eyed lardbuckets so many insist on remaining.

“Yesterday, the wacky newspaper offered anyone rash enough to purchase the enthralling paper a delicious, free Greggs sausage roll worth 58p.

“Mind you, knowing Weegies’ desperation for fat, circulation will soon be nudging 5.9 million.”