Mone Magics Massive Media Coverage

If it's Monday, it must be Michelle Mone. Fabricated though the mantra may be, the Scottish lingerie tycoon certainly hit the jackpot yesterday, when it came to coverage in the Scottish press. 

As she spoke of shedding six stones and becoming a model for her company's latest marketing and advertising campaign, she notched up major coverage in the Daily Record (picture at top of page 1 and spread on pages 10 and 11); the Scottish Daily Express (page 1 picture, and almost all of page 3); The Scottish Sun (picture spread on page 27);  the Daily Star of Scotland (page 1 picture and pages 4 and 5 spread); and the Scottish Daily Mail (page 1 picture and almost all of page 3).

As ‘Exclusive’ tags floated like confetti, the Daily Record and Scottish Sun even gave extra-special plugs to Mone's Ultimo brand, with footnotes saying it was available in Debenhams and giving Ultimo's website address.

In its leader column, the Press and Journal commented: “On the subject of weight, you have to hand it to lingerie boss Michelle Mone for having the guts to strip for her own underwear photo-shoot, but to press on without the 'support' of her husband and directors takes self-confidence to another level.

“Ms Mone was true to her word when she said she would pose if she lost enough weight. The impressive results speak for themselves and hubby must be delighted. The Ultimo boss hopes other women will feel better about themselves by realising what is possible, but you have a feeling that, on seeing her pictures, they might feel worse.”