DC Thomson Relaunches Teen Magazine

Dundee-based newspaper, magazine and comics publisher, DC Thomson, has relaunched one of its teen magazines, with a new-look publication and accompanying website.

By changing size to a larger A4, the hope is that Shout magazine will have a greater presence on newsagent shelves. 

Says a statement announcing the relaunch: “Top of our readers’ wish-list was more coverage of the latest in fashion and beauty trends. The new-look Shout will also continue to promote confidence and self-esteem for all teens, a key issue for society right now. This change in format and presentation is off the back of a successful year for subscriptions – a 19 per cent increase year-on-year – and is designed to cement its place as one of the favourite magazines in the teenage market.

Adds Shout editor-in-chief, Maria Welch: “Shout readers are positive and forward thinking and the bigger-and-better Shout embraces these qualities. The content of the magazine illustrates that it’s great to be a girl, so the readers can indulge themselves in all their favourite hobbies: shopping, socialising and having a good time. Fun, friends and fashion are important to them and the articles in the magazine and online reflect this love for life and positivity.”

Of the website, www.shoutmag.co.uk, Tim Collins, commercial development manager is quoted, saying: “The new site is the first in a series of new website initiatives on key DC Thomson brands, with more to come in the run up to Christmas.”