Emotions Run High as Sheridan Quizzes Bird

The Tommy Sheridan Case: Day 27. And yesterday, the Scottish News of the World editor, Bob Bird, was the siubject of an emotional address by the former Scottish Socialist Party leader, which – reports today's press – required there to be a break in proceedings.

'The trial of the century' – as it has been dubbed by The Scottish Sun – had to be briefly adjourned yesterday when Sheridan broke down while questioning Bird about the impact allegations about his private life, published by the Scottish News of the World, on his then pregnant wife, Gail.

Both Sheridan and his wife are on trial for perjury after winning a defamation case – and £200,000 damages – against Bird's paper four years ago.

The Scotsman, page 12, picks up the story. Writes reporter Cordelia O’Neill, Sheridan's “voice seemed to crack with emotion”.

In the Daily Record, Grant McCabe writes: “Judge Lord Baracdale ordered a break in Sheridan’s perjury trial as the former MSP’s voice cracked while he quizzed Scottish News of the World editor, Bob Bird.”

The Scotsman quotes Sheridan, as saying: “I'll tell you what you did know, Mr Bird. You knew I was married to a stunning woman who I had known from the age of 13.

“You did know I was married to Gail and that I had been married to her for four years.

“Your newspaper covered the wedding – you knew at the time that you were splashing with this five-page exclusive that she was expecting her first child at the age of 40, didn't you?

“You knew she was only eight weeks pregnant and at a very sensitive stage in her pregnancy.

“Did you have no sense of responsibility to the health of my pregnant wife and the emotional pain you were putting her through? You were prepared not only to risk the life of my unborn child to get your story, but also the life of Fiona McGuire, who was driven to try and commit suicide.

“You couldn't care less about the lack of proof because you were blinded by your desire to bring me down and get your front-page exclusive.”

The Scotsman has Bird countering: “I think you were the one causing the emotional pain, putting her through all sorts of things behind her back.”