Sports Dey declaration for parliamentary seat

ONE of Scotland’s leading sports journalists has quit his job to concentrate on a bid for a new career – as a politician.

Graeme Dey, sports editor of The Courier, will now devote his efforts full-time to being the SNP candidate for the Angus South constituency in the Scottish Parliament elections next May.

Dey’s departure for pastures new earned him a substantial write-up story and accompanying cartoon in The Courier yesterday in its weekly political diary, which is co-written by Steve Bargeton and David Clegg.

The Diary piece declared: “Our loss is the SNP’s gain. Of course Graeme knows well that, as one who has gone over to the dark side, he can expect no favours or special treatment – politicians, would-be or otherwise, are fair game in the crosshairs of political hacks.

“Indeed, some years ago another former colleague who went on to Holyrood found himself torn to shreds on the front page when he reneged on a pledge to vote to abolish bridge tolls on the Tay.

“For as long as I’ve known him, Graeme has spent ludicrous amounts of his spare time schlepping around his native Angus chappin’ doors in all weathers in the name of an independent Scottish nirvana …and got pelters for his efforts from his chums back in the office.

“Recently on his day off he was stravaiging around in his beloved Angus looking for potential voters to bother when he had an encounter with a dog.

“Now we don’t know whether the hound sank its teeth in because he disagreed with Graeme’s political views, his stewardship of The Courier sports desk or simply because it liked the taste.

“What we do know is that it nipped somewhat. But I’m sure the prospect of a £57k salary and 17 weeks of holidays a year will ease the painful memory.”

Dey is the fourth Scottish journalist, to date, to ‘throw their hat’ into the ring for a Holyrood seat.

Three freelances have also decided to stand – Joan McAlpine and George Kervevan, under the SNP banner, while Hamish MacKay is contesting a Highlands seat as an Independent.