Herald Chapel Meeting Postponed Again

The adverse weather has again claim a planned meeting of members of the National Union of Journalists at the Herald & Times Group of newspapers, to hear the latest on plans by the company to axe around ten editorial posts, including whether there are improved terms available to applicants for voluntary redundancy.

This is the second postponement of the meeting, which was meant to go ahead yesterday and was then meant to take place today. It is now set for tomorrow, between 11am and noon.

Both yesterday and today's meetings were postponed because of the transport difficulties caused by the severe winter weather.

The union is seeking enhanced terms to the statutory ones on offer: one week's pay for every year worked for people under the age of 41; one-and-a-half weeks for those 41 and above. 

Previous voluntary redundancy packages have been more generous and it is understood no-one has yet applied for the current package.

The group comprises The Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times.