Candidates for Compulsory Redundancy at Herald & Times Group Being Told their Fate

It's beginning with a phone call. The atmosphere within the Herald & Times Group can only be guessed at, as staff chosen for compulsory redundancy are being informed – right now – of their fate by being invited to the office of editor-in-chief, Jonathan Russell.

At the time of writing, three editorial staff have already each received the call, to be told that – following an internal scoring system – they are to be part of planned redundancies announced last month and which failed to attract sufficient numbers of applications for voluntary redundancy.

On Friday, as reported on allmediascotland, an original target of “about ten” editorial staff cuts was increased to “around 13″, with six applications for voluntary redundancy already accepted.

One by one, allmediascotland understands the process is taking about half an hour per person. 

One of the casualties – Barry McDonald, who works in features – has already 'tweeted' his own bad news.