Beano editor steps down

THE editor of The Beano comic is leaving today, having decided to take early retirement.

Alan Digby leaves as editor-in-chief of both The Beano and BeanoMAX and was only the fourth editor of the legendary comic title since its founding in 1938. He has been with DC Thomson for 40 years an editor of The Beano for the last five years ago.

Says a statement issued by the company: “Unbelievably creative, Alan joined the company in May 1970 and was initially employed at The Beano, where he became chief sub-editor. Alan was responsible for masterminding the famous ‘Gnasher Goes Missing’ story arc as well as the creation of Ivy the Terrible, who was based upon one of his own daughters. Ivy remains one of the Beano’s most popular characters to this day.

“In the late Eighties, Alan moved to become editor of The Beezer before heading up our Comic Projects department from 1993, launching the successful The Broons and Oor Wullie compilations and Funsize titles.

“Alan became only the fourth editor of The Beano since it appeared in 1938 when he took over the position in 2006 and has been at the helm of BeanoMax since its launch in July 2007. Alan also played a key role in developing the Dennis and Gnasher cartoon which appears on Children’s BBC.”

The company adds that Michael Stirling – currently deputy head of Children’s Entertainment  – will assume responsibility for The Beano and BeanoMAX.