Cheerier Sales News for Herald, Sunday Herald and Scotsman

A trio of newspapers whose sales in Scotland had recently fallen through the psychological barriers of 50,000, 40,000 and 30,000, respectively, have each been given cheerier news in the latest official circulation figures.

Says the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the average sale in Scotland of The Herald during last month was 50,247 (in contrast to its average 49,574 in April), while the average sale of its Sunday sister, the Sunday Herald, was 32,189 (in contrast to its average 29,429 in April).

The Scotsman, meanwhile, saw its May average of 40,736 up on the previous month of 39,739 (as reported here).

But, in common with most newspaper titles, the trio's year-on-year percentage change were each down: 8.2 per cent for The Herald (its May 2010 average was 54,741), 23.5 per cent for the Sunday Herald (its May 2010 average was 42,098) and eight per cent for The Scotsman (its May 2010 average was 44,290).

But there was some year-on-year sales cheer for the Scottish Daily Express (up from 65,653 during May last year to 68,012 last month), the Scottish Daily Mail (up from 112,473 to 115,063) and the Scottish Mail on Sunday (up from 96,442 to 103,218). 

The biggest-selling daily newspaper, The Scottish Sun, saw its year-on-year sales in Scotland drop 3.3 per cent, from an average 339,932 during May last year to 328,42 last month.

And the figure for the biggest-selling Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Mail, was a drop of 7.6 per cent (from an average 358,108 during May last year to 330,761 last month). 

When once the Sunday Mail was easily the biggest-selling newspaper in Scotland – daily or Sunday – its 330,761 average last month is just 1,919 ahead of The Scottish Sun's average last month of 328,842. 

More circulation figures to follow…