Local Newspapers Help Cement Trust in Government Information Among Scots

Nearly three-quarters of people in Scotland say they have more trust in national government advertising if it appears in the local press, according to a survey commissioned by the Newspaper Society.

Says the survey, which was conducted UK-wide, 71 per cent of Scots agreed with the statement: “I would take more notice of national government advertising or public information messages if I saw them in my local newspaper or on my local newspaper website.” The UK average was 65 per cent.

The figures are being unveiled at a presentation in Edinburgh today by the Newspaper Society, whose marketing director, Robert Ray, is quoted, in a Society statement, saying: “Local media is the best place for national government advertising and public information because people actively seek out the advertising in local media.

“This figure remains high across Britain but it is particularly encouraging to see that the vast majority of people in Scotland want to see national government messages appearing in trusted local media.”

The survey – Loving Local –  looked at the impact of media on local communities.