Last of the Gorbals Boys Dies

One of the most famous Scottish photographs of all time – one that can never be published too often – adorns page three of The Herald today.

But, sadly, this time it is being printed to mark a death. The second of the two boys featured in the famous Gorbals Boys photograph has died, aged 70. Les Mason's friend in the photograph, George Davis, passed away nine years ago.

Comprising two, smiling 'street urchins' walking arm in arm, the Gorbals Boys was shot by Bert Hardy, whose career included photographing the London Blitz, the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and the Korean War.

But, says The Herald, the Gorbals Boys was apparently Londoner, Hardy's favourite photograph.

Hardy died in 1995. The Gorbals Boys is now in the care of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.