Sunday Mail Looking to Up Market Share with Quarter Million Print Run Hike

The Sunday Mail newspaper is to have its print run increased by a quarter of a million copies, in a bid to up its share of the Sunday newspapers market, following the final edition, at the weekend, of rival, the Scottish News of the World.

The Sunday Mail is Scotland's biggest-selling newspaper. Says the Audit Bureau of Circulation, its sales in Scotland in May stood at an average 330,761, compared to 240,523 for the Scottish News of the World.

Last week's final edition of the News of the World, UK-wide, followed outrage over phone hacking allegations made against it.

The Sunday Mail's publishers, Trinity Mirror, is also upping the print run of the Sunday Mirror (one million extra, UK-wide) and the People (half a million, again UK-wide).

The move is being supported by TV advertising, starting tomorrow. In the specific case of the Sunday Mail, it is being promoted in the Scottish local newspaper titles owners by Trinity Mirror, via its Scottish & Universal Newspapers division. 

In a letter to advertising agencies, Trinity Mirror chief executive, Sly Bailey, writes: “We have some exciting plans over the next few weeks to ensure that our existing and potential advertisers are amply served by our portfolio of Sunday newspapers.

“As you might expect we will be increasing the print-run of our three Sunday titles with an additional one million copies for the Sunday Mirror; an additional 500,000 for the People and 250,000 for the Sunday Mail in Scotland.

“Increased paginations across all three titles will provide a bumper editorial package for our readers and clients. In addition, for the Sunday Mirror and the People, we have put in place selective cover price-led promotions in key geographic regions to drive sampling and maximise copy sales.

“All this activity is supported by a heavyweight national TV campaign, direct marketing, and major cross promotion across the whole of the Trinity Mirror network of regional titles.

“Our brands are trusted and respected by our readers. We believe that our newspapers, their quality journalism and unrivalled portfolio reach will provide your clients with a viable and valuable route to this important Sunday market.”

It is understood the Sunday Mirror and the People will be priced at 50p in certain parts of the UK, south of the border. 

Meanwhile, is awaiting responses from approaches to several other newspapers, to get a sense of their print run plans.