Advert Design Posts Earmarked for Redeployment from Scotsman HQ

An estimated five people working in the advert design studio at the Edinburgh headquarters of The Scotsman newspaper are understood to have had their posts earmarked for redeployment to India.

The move – across a number of offices run by publishers, Johnston Press – follows a decision to transfer ad design to what is being described as a partnership involving the Press Association and Express KCS, an India-based “independent provider of offshore marketing production services”.

Johnston Press offices in Leeds, Sheffield and Peterborough are also affected. It is being reported that, across the UK, the total number of posts affected could be as many as 60-to-70.

A statement issued by Johnston Press reads: “Following a detailed review of the advertising creation function, the group proposes to transfer this activity from Leeds, Peterborough, Edinburgh, and Sheffield, to Express KCS Ltd partnering with the Press Association. The company will retain the creative services teams at Carn, Sunderland, Portsmouth and Preston.

“Additionally it is proposed that the service desk in Sheffield will be expanded by seven new roles in traffic & workflow management. Staff from within the affected ad creation and creative teams will have the opportunity to apply for these vacancies.

“We have commenced consultation today with the individuals affected and anticipate that this process will be complete by the end of July.”

Says HoldtheFrontPage website: “Express KCS and PA signed a partnership deal last November to offer creative production services to newspaper publishers in the UK from production centres in India.”