Evening News turns masthead gold in tribute to Chris Hoy

AS a tribute to its local Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy – who yesterday won an historic sixth Olympic gold medal – the Edinburgh Evening News has turned its masthead gold for today.

Hoy was born and raised in the capital. His sixth gold – in track cycling – yesterday put him at the top of gold medal-winning Britons.

In a media statement, the paper’s editor, Frank O’Donnell, is quoted, as saying: “To have Britain’s most successful Olympian on your doorstep is a source of great pride for the people of Edinburgh.

“Not only is Sir Chris a phenomenal competitor, but he is also a special individual.

“He remains as humble and grounded as ever, despite all the accolades that have come his way. He is truly an inspiration to all.

“Changing the masthead is not something we do lightly – but this is something we are unlikely to see again in our lifetime.”