First Ennis, now Pistorius for The Beano

THE Beano comic has added to its celebration of the Olympic Games in London by producing an edition to coincide with today’s opening of the Paralympics.

Last week, it was ‘Ennis the Menace’, and now it is the turn of the ‘blade runner’, Oscar Pistorius.

In a statement issued by publishers, Dundee-based DC Thomson, The Beano editor, Mike Stirling, is quoted, as saying “Our readers loved the Olympics and our decision to feature Jessica Ennis on the cover of The Beano was well received. We know the Paralympics are just as popular and, for our readers, there was only one athlete to symbolise these – Oscar ‘Victorious’ Pistorius.

“We’re very proud that Oscar is the first Paralympic athlete to appear on the cover of The Beano and we’re looking forward to watching him going for gold.”