The Scottish Sun pledges to ‘keep on fighting for justice’

THE Scottish Sun today today pledged to ‘keep on fighting for justice’, following a claim that the Scottish Parliament has legislated “in accordance with the agenda of tabloid newspapers”.

The claim was made in The Times newspaper yesterday by solicitor-advocate, Alistair Bonnington.

He wrote: “Sadly it is not going too far to say that Holyrood has done more harm to Scots law than Westminster managed in over 300 years.”

And he also wrote: “The approach of the Scottish Parliament often seems to be to legislate in accordance with the agenda of tabloid newspapers.”

A former legal counsel to BBC Scotland, Bonnington explained himself further on yesterday’s edition of BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland (here – around the 2:15 mark).

And The Scottish Sun’s response is divided into several sections, including domestic abuse, knife crime and double jeopardy. It also heads its leader column.