Scotsman columnist supports campaign for Sun to drop Page 3 Girls

A CAMPAIGN to have The Sun newspaper – including its Scottish edition – remove its semi-naked, Page 3 models has received support from a columnist in today’s Scotsman newspaper.

Writes Lori Anderson, when referencing the campaign by actress and writer, Lucy Holmes, including on twitter and an online petition: “I still remember coming home from school on the No 38, and the creeping feeling of discomfort and awkwardness I would feel whenever I heard the rustling of a newspaper and spotted a man leering at a Page 3 girl. It brought sex into a public place where it had no right to be, and it reduced every woman within the perimeter to their mammary glands as if they were not worthy of being seen as a whole person.”

Later, Anderson adds: “As a young girl Lucy Holmes would often look at her brother’s copy of the Sun and the busty girls on Page 3 and later grew up lacerated with self-loathing as she ‘failed’ to fill out to what she had been conditioned to believe was normal.”