McConigley sets up pay-as-you-go PR agency

A FORMER newspaper editor has started up in PR, but on an unique ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

Since stepping down, last year, as managing editor of Clyde and Forth Media, Tom McConigley has been acting as a business consultant to, among others, celebrity life coach, Ali Campbell, and royal photographer, Nina Duncan.

But now he has set up his own PR company, PR for Higher.

He told “I kept hearing from businesses saying they were sick of paying out fortunes to traditional PR agencies, with no guarantee of any publicity.

“Plus, there are lots of companies who just simply couldn’t afford the fees.

“This is where PR for Higher comes in. You only pay for what you need, it’s like a pic n’ mix where you can choose the publicity which is right for your business.

“I’ve worked with Ali and Nina this year and placed them on TV channels and in national media, but this could be a small business who want to get access to their local newspaper.”

Tom has previously won national sales awards at the Paisley Gazette and the Greenock Telegraph as an editor before managing the group’s portfolio of 20 newspapers.

They were the Newspaper Society’s ‘Fastest Growing Weekly Newspaper’ award eight years ago and the National Federation of Retail Newsagents’ ‘Regional Newspaper of the Year’ title two years later.