Scotsman obituary pays tribute to Scots farmer and broadcaster, Andrew Biggar

THE obituary of a Scots farmer and broadcaster has been published in today’s Scotsman newspaper, penned by the paper’s agricultural correspondent.

Andrew Biggar is reported to have died on the 16th of last month, aged 97. He was born in Castle Douglas.

Writes Andrew Arbuckle, Biggar was one of the driving forces behind agricultural research centre of excellence, the Pentland Science Park near Edinburgh, and hosted the BBC farming programming, Farm Forum – a weekly radio show broadcast during the 1960s.

Arbuckle describes Biggar as a “genial and coridal studio host with the ability to put a young and rather nervous panel member at ease”.

Arbuckle added that his “meticulous preparations” meant that he didn’t need more than one take to during his recordings, which resulted in the nickname, ‘one take Biggar’.