In My Opinion: Lisa-Nicole Mitchell: On the work experience trail, armed with my CVs

SORRY that this one is late. The beginning of the summer has been too tempting to miss. As much as I love our nation’s capital, the pull of old ‘Glesga’ has been strong.

I have enjoyed being at home with my family and it has been fantastic being with old friends I haven’t seen in months.

As soon as I got back home, my attention soon turned to finding a suitable work placement.

I started to update my journalistic CV. I added all my bylines with the Paisley Daily Express and my byline with the Daily Record, also mentioning my blog with and Far Out Magazine.

The most I could cut it down to – with all the bylines and experience that I thought were the most important – was to three pages. That wasn’t including the two letters of recommendation from the News of the World (from a while back, obviously, when I did work experience there) and the Paisley Daily Express.

Armed with ten hefty brown envelopes and a massive portfiolio I made my way into Glasgow’s city centre. Glasgow has the most newsrooms and TV and radio stations in Scotland, so the only issue I had was the price of printer ink for my CVs and the lack of transportation around the city.

So, four hours, a pair of dolly shoes and two quick taxis later, all the CVs were handed out. I went to The Herald, the Daily Record, The Scottish Sun, the Evening Times, The Scottish Daily Mail, BBC Scotland, Capital radio, STV and the Metro.

I felt a little disheartened because, at most of the newsrooms I visited, all I managed to do was hand my CV into the reception, being promised it would reach HR. My portfolio sat heavily in my bag.

However, when I reached the office for the Mail, I had more success. Reception made a call to the newsroom and I was told that someone was making their way down to speak to me.

I was really excited.

A woman came down and looked at my portfolio and talked to me for a good while and took my CV.

I headed home, with sore feet, and all there was to do was wait.

About a week went by and I had an email from the Mail asking me to come in on the 17th June for a week and hopefully more. I was ecstatic.

This helps with maybe a module next year. There might be a module next year based on work experience. The minimum you need is 15 days. I have counted mine. By Christmas I should have 202 days!

Before I sign off, I know that dedicating a blog to someone does seem much, but I would like to dedicate this blog to Andy Mackie.

Andy was a fourth-year journalism student at Edinburgh Napier University who sadly died last weekend. He was the editor of last year’s Impulse magazine.

Although I didn’t know him all that well, I could see he was a good man and a dedicated journalism student.

My thoughts are with him and his.

Lisa-Nicole Mitchell has just completed her third year studying for a BA in Journalism degree at Edinburgh Napier University.