The Media in Figures: Daily newspaper prices, Monday-Friday

THE price of The Scotsman, Monday to Friday, yesterday increased by 10p, to £1.20, except for subscribers who will continue to pay 82p (again on the Monday to Friday issues).

Depending on which package is taken (six day, seven day, weekend-only), subscribers can save anything between 29 and 31 per cent on the prices found on the newsstands.

And elsewhere, the newsstands reveal the following Monday-Friday prices:

Courier, The 60p

Daily Record 45p

Daily Telegraph, The £1.20

Guardian, The £1.40

Herald, The £1.10

i 20p

Independent, The £1.20

Press and Journal, The 60p

Scottish Daily Express 45p

Scottish Daily Mail, The 60p

Scottish Sun, The 40p

Times, The £1