Keevins defends the Press against accusations of “too much negativity” towards Celtic

ACCUSATIONS of negativity by the Scottish Press against Celtic football club have been refuted by the Daily Record sportswriter, Hugh Keevins.

It follows a most-match press conference on Wednesday by the club’s manager, Neil Lennon – following his side’s dramatic win over Shakhter Karagandy, to qualify for the Champions League group stages.

He said there was “too much negativity” towards the club, including from the media.

Writes Keevins: “Having been around the Press’s parish for some time now, I can tell you this is absolute nonsense.

“Plenty of my colleagues went home full of the joys after filing their copy on Celtic’s win on Wednesday night.

“But while they’re at their work they’re required to go on the evidence of their own eyes and make comment, written or spoken, accordingly.”