Minnie the Minx gets her first solo cover

THE cartoon character, Minnie the Minx, is to be featured on ‘her’ own for the first time ever on the cover of the comic that features her, The Beano.

The move is to celebrate 60 years of the character, with her cover starring role appearing on tomorrow’s edition of the comic.

In a media release issued by the comic’s publisher, DC Thomson, The Beano’s editor-in-chief, Mike Stirling, is quoted, as saying: “We can’t quite believe its Minnie’s 60th anniversary – she looks so young!

“The Christmas issue cover is the most coveted of the year in Beanotown. It usually stars Dennis and some of the gang. Dennis and Gnasher were not happy that it’s all about Minnie this year… come to think of it, she’s lucky they threw her a surprise party with only a little menacing thrown in for good measure.”