Media Broth: A tasty little dish

MAYBE we Scots are not so prudish, after all.

You’ll remember the breast cancer awareness advert – of two years ago – from the Scottish Government and presented by the actress, Elaine C Smith.

Well, it inspired a similar campaign in New Zealand, except…

We’ll let The New Zealand Herald website explain, here.

* * *

ADMIRABLE restraint by the caption writers at The Herald newspaper. Monday’s edition of the paper’s sports supplement carried a photo of Scots tennis player, Andy Murray, following a win over rival, Tommy Robredo.

It’s obviously been an exhausting encounter, finally won by Murray. The photo shows Robredo slumped on the court net. The caption suggests the Spaniard is indicating how many sets Murray has won. Except that Robredo is clearly and jokingly giving his opponent ‘the finger’ – using both his hands.

* * *

NOT for the first time, The Herald yesterday reported how one of its stories would no longer be found via a Google search, under ‘right to be forgotten’ regulations.

Of course, it will be lost on no-one how the explanation of the move serves only to provide a tad more oxygen to the original tale…

* * *

A BRIEF flurry of anxiety on yesterday’s edition of the lunchtime BBC programme, the Daily Politics.

A ‘down-the-line’ item had the studio presenter, Jo Coburn, turning to colleague, Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland political editor, for his assessment of a couple of issues, including the Scottish Labour Party leadership race.

But no sooner had Taylor been introduced when he fell out of shot, as the camera swung about 20 degrees to the right. On screen was, instead, Scottish political correspondent, Glenn Campbell, at his desktop computer (no doubt checking out allmediascotland’s most recent Your Noon Briefing).

Happily, order was resumed a few seconds later, with Taylor joking that he wouldn’t have had any idea how to correct the swing.

View it, here, on the BBC iPlayer (around the 38-minute mark).

* * *

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