The Media in Figures: Regional newspaper sales, daily, evening and Sunday newspapers, Scotland

THE Sunday Herald has seen its sales numbers increase, including year-on-year, according to latest official figures.

Says circulations auditing body, ABC, the title’s average circulation increased by 34.7 per cent period during the period July to December last year, compared to the same period the previous year, to stand at 32,021.

Its ‘period-on-period’ (from the average up to six months previously) figure was also up: 28.2 per cent.

The figures below concern daily, evening and Sunday ‘regional’ newspapers in Scotland.

And print figures only (ABC now offer digital figures also).

Each of the titles are paid-for.

* Evening Express – average 32,827, down 5.9 per cent period-on-period, and down 8.5 per cent year-on-year

* The Press and Journal – average 60,292, down three per cent period-on-period, down 5.5 per cent year-on-year

* The Courier and Advertiser – average 46,991 down four per cent p-on-p, down seven per cent y-on-y

* Evening Telegraph – average 18,714, down 5.3 per cent p-o-p, down 8.4 per cent y-on-y

* Edinburgh Evening News – average 24,299, down 6.2 per cent p-on-p, down 12.1 per cent y-on-y

* Evening Times – average 31,376, down 6.1 per cent p-on-p, down 12.3 per cent y-on-y

* Greenock Telegraph – average 11,264, down 7.8 per cent y-on-y

* Paisley Daily Express – average 5,965, down 7.9 per cent p-on-p, down 11.9 per cent y-on-y

* Scotland on Sunday – average 27,533, down 9.1 per cent p-on-p, down 16.1 per cent y-on-y

* Sunday Herald – average 32,204, up 28.2 per cent p-on-p, up 34.7 per cent y-on-y

* The Herald – average 37,044, down 1.8 per cent p-on-p, down 4.9 per cent y-on-y

* The Scotsman – average 26,283, down 3.4 per cent p-on-p, down 10.8 per cent y-on-y

Source: ABC, February 25 2015.