Your Publicity Toolkit

If you are seeking to raise your profile, build your brand or generate more sales, here’s how can help …

We’ll get your story in front of the media

When you have a story to tell, our media release posting service gets your story in front of journalists.

We’ll get you found

If you have a product or service to sell to the media, or you are media talent for hire, our showcase media directory is where to be find and be found.

We can provide additional profile

Our compelling editorial – not least our features – is available for sponsorship. If it’s guaranteed audience you require, we deliver.

We get you picked up by internet search engines and twitter

Place your story on and it will be found by internet search engines, which like the constantly-changing content on the site. Our very own twitter feed, dedicated exclusively to media releases placed on the site, is a de facto newswire.

We’ll help make you better at generating your own publicity

Whether you are an absolute beginner at writing media releases – aka press releases or news releases – or an experienced hand, we have the training tools to help you develop your talent. We will help you recognise what makes a story and how best to write it. We will advise on how best to engage with your audience. We have free, online training resources, and we host face-to-face training every second Thursday of the month, in Edinburgh.


We’ll provide you the chance to promote yourself in front of your favourite other media

Our media release forwarding facility allows you to send your story on to other media outlets, including national TV, regional radio and local newspapers.

We’ll help you harness the power of social media

Our media releases twitter feed has 1,820 followers (as at June 12 2013). Our media jobs one, meanwhile, has 884 followers.

We’ll help you encourage journalists to spend time on your stories

Press releases can stand a better chance of being used if journalists been given time to work on them in advance. allmediascotland operates a list of approved journalists permitted to view embargoed media releases.

We’ll showcase you in our media news column and enewsletter

If you have media news to share, we’ll consider it for inclusion in our own editorial. And if your media news or media release is among the most-read on the site, it will be highlighted in our regular enewsletter.

We can provide additional training to help you raise your profile, including TV interview technique

Our suite of training tools includes training for a broadcast interview, including pre-recorded and live television.

Our prices

There are three types of media directory available: Basic (£35+VAT), Better (£50+VAT) and Best (£75+VAT).

Meanwhile, our media release publishing service is priced at £35+VAT for an one-off release, £100+VAT for ten (expires after 12 months), £160+VAT for 20 (again, expires after 12 months), £250+VAT for 50 (again, 12 months) and £300+VAT for 100 (again, 12 months). To buy a media release posting package, you need to be signed up and to have logged into the site.

And finally, you can take out a job ad (again, the 24-hour coupon applies here if you haven’t used it elsewhere) for either £120+VAT for a single ad or £800+VAT for ten ‘credits’ (expiring after 12 months). To post a job or buy a pack of ten, you need to be signed up and to have logged into the site.