The story so far: Our media clinics

THE Media Clinic invites the media community to share its knowledge with each other on issues relevant to the working lives of many of us.

Since the relaunch of allmediascotland in July, several Media Clinics have been run, and our next one is tomorrow, asking to what extent a verbal contract is legal in Scotland.

We already have two answers submitted and would be happy to consider others.

Among those who have helped in the past, with answers are The Law Society of Scotland, Skills Development Scotland and FW Accounting.

Tomorrow, our next question is also being posed in the Media Clinic: Do I have to be VAT registered? And again, the media community is invited to submit answers and experiences.

Our Media Clinics thus far have asked:

* Should the next car I buy be low emission? Here.

* What help is available when you are facing redundancy? Here.

* My sole employee has asked to take six months to look after her ill father. What are my legal obligations? Here.

* Leasing an office…What are the common pitfalls to avoid? Here.

* How do I pursue an invoice that’s long past its 30-day payment terms? Here.

Feel free to suggest a possible question, by emailing here.