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In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Journalists don’t have crystal balls

THERE was a lot of feedback the other day on social media when Beattie Communications said – read it here on – they were having difficulties recruiting talent to their operation, which turns over nearly …

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In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Time to drop the Mr

WHY do newspapers feel it necessary to call an accused person Mr when he first appears in court? We get this all the time in some newspapers and it


In My Opinion: John McGurk: Why editors must avoid the ‘Bill Heaney lunch’

I WAS surprised to read - here on - that Bill Heaney seldom got out for lunch. He also appears to be under the impression that other newspaper


In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Editors are needed as never before

EDITORS, who needs them? And what are they for anyway? Has the digital age finally done for the men (and women) on the back bench? A bit like Roman


Bill Heaney: Bishop says it’s time Catholic Church became more pro-active in promoting its image

THE Catholic Church in Scotland feels it is being seriously got at by some sections of the media. This became clear in an interview given to Brian Morton in


In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Who is Scotland’s worst-dressed journalist?

THE great thing about being retired - or working from home - is that you don’t have to get dressed to go to work. It used to be that


In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Time to look back, but not go back

THERE'S an old saying that one should look back but never go back… Half a century in this business is a long time by any stretch of the imagination,


That Was the Year That Was: Bill Heaney, journalist, columnist and photographer, specialising in religion

GOOD year, bad year? As 2013 draws to a close, we ask veteran journalist Bill Heaney, journalist, columnist and photographer, specialising in religion: 'How has it been for you?' Briefly, what is


In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Good stories are like ‘hen’s teeth’

DOES anyone ever wonder why - in my experience - people who used to work in newspapers seldom phone news desks with tip-offs? Or avoid offering the 'executives' of


Bill Heaney: Correcting errors

WHEN you tell them they have made a mistake, why is it that some newspaper editors take it personally? Surely they are experienced enough to know mistakes happen all


In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: What is happening to local newspapers?

ARE Scotland’s local weekly newspapers 'cutting their own throats'? Has the fact that they seem to have nearly all gone 'tabloid' - both in size and attitude - put


In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: God’s victory over Mammon in the comms business

SAY what you like about religion – and of course you do – but the business of reporting on it is made much easier when a comms team


In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: The Churches and the media

ARCHBISHOP Philip Tartaglia appears to be one of the few churchmen in Scotland who realises there is no point in engaging in futile hostilities with the Press. His message


In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Why templates are a pain in the tail

WE live in the age of the template - all the news that’s printed to fit, as a colleague once said, making a play on the words of

Bill Heaney

Bill Heaney: Religion – a big Scottish story for the next decade or more?

RELIGIOUS affairs correspondents, who needs them? Little did Scotland’s newspapers think they would need to genuflect in that direction at the beginning of the year. They can’t say they weren’t

Bill Heaney

Bill Heaney: Reporting the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

I DON'T want to say, 'I told you so', but I did warn you in my last blog - on the 17th of last month - that Pope

Bill Heaney

Bill Heaney: Time for the Scottish Media to ‘do God’?

RELIGION. Who needs it? I have said it before and I say it again: newspapers need it. They need to know about it. At the very least, they need

Bill Heaney

Bill Heaney: Scotland’s ‘Leveson panel’ requires weekly input

HAPPY New Year everyone or, then again, maybe not… Those of you who have come up against me – and you are many – in my 52 years in

Bill Heaney

Heaney resurrecting Notebook column for the Lennox Herald

THE veteran journalist, Bill Heaney, has returned to his former stomping ground, at the Lennox Herald. A former editor of the Dumbarton-based weekly newspaper, the 67 year-old - who

Bill Heaney

In My Opinion: Bill Heaney: Time to put the ‘local’ back into local newspapers

WHERE have all the readers gone? Scotland’s hard-pressed local weekly newspapers are in serious bother. It’s once again a case of 'read them and weep' for nearly everyone in

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