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Neil Braidwood, CMYK

Neil Braidwood: Impulse magazine – out now!

IF you live in Edinburgh, look out for Edinburgh Napier’s journalism students’ new publication – Impulse. It should be hitting cafes, bars and public spaces in the capital around about now. I’ve been helping the students …

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Courtnay McLeod

Courtnay McLeod: The CEO doesn’t tweet #notthepoint

'ALL businesses increasingly need to function like a media company’ - it’s a mantra that defines our era, but what does it actually mean? Accepting that businesses need to

Stewart Weir

Stewart Weir: The Record’s streaming of Poland versus Scotland

“DID you see the game last night?” is the age-old retort among individuals arguing a difference of opinion around a football match. Those calling the Daily Record football hotline


Bill Heaney: Editors are needed as never before

EDITORS, who needs them? And what are they for anyway? Has the digital age finally done for the men (and women) on the back bench? A bit like Roman

John Collins

John Collins: Names are important, not least ‘radio’

I GOT it wrong! A few years ago, we were putting together an awards event for a student media festival I’m involved with and the three areas were really

Francis Shennan

Francis Shennan: The joys of freelancing

“Half an hour after getting to Intercourse I was in Paradise.” That’s my favourite of all the intros I wrote in my long time as a freelance. I had accompanied

Ellen Arnison

Ellen Arnison: We all need to mind our language when it comes to mental illness

THE supermarket giants, Asda and Tesco, have just issued humble apologies after their adult fancy dress ranges were discovered to include 'mental patient' and 'psycho ward costumes. Of course,


Lisa-Nicole Mitchell: Starting my fourth and final year

SO, here we go again, sadly for the last time. Now, I am in fourth year at Edinburgh Napier University. It only seems like yesterday that I was sheepishly


Maurice Smith: What can we expect of the BBC during the run-up to the referendum?

WHAT can we expect from the BBC as it ramps up its coverage of the Scottish independence referendum campaign? The national broadcaster is beginning to attract attention as it

Mark Gorman

Mark Gorman: You work in the creative industries, in Edinburgh?

ARE you working in the creative industries in Edinburgh?  Well, may I introduce you to Creative Edinburgh? If you're reading this, the chances are the answer to my opener

Craig McGill

Craig McGill: The loves and loathes of journalists (speaker event tonight in Glasgow)

FOR an industry based around communications, there's often been misunderstandings between journalists and PRs with one of the common questions being, "What do journalists actually want?" Well, one PR

Paul Holleran

Paul Holleran: Our friends in the North

IN the stressful environment of the European economic crisis, there is one indisputable oasis of well-being. The Nordic region continues to deliver economic growth, ensuring decent provision of health

Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas: The Edinburgh festivals, social media and QR codes

THE Festival in Edinburgh is delivering a colourful spectacle that is a feast for the eyes and ears – especially on social media. In fact, a foray into the

Paul Tucker

Paul Tucker: What do I know? Teaching TV production

ABOUT three years ago, I was asked a question by a student that I will never forget. Teaching a module about programme development in television I was asked,


Derek Masterton: PR, plastic flowers, millionaire shortbread and long johns

THERE'S a giant plastic flower in the corner of my office. It’s a six feet-tall Forget-me-not. It’s what I stare at when seeking inspiration – that glassy-eyed, 1,000-yard stare

Ian MacKenzie, Ch4, Channel 4

Ian MacKenzie: New talent; where next?

TOWARDS the end of next month - March 21 - will see BAFTA in Scotland announce the winners of their New Talent Awards for 2013. The awards, unparalleled anywhere

Atholl Duncan

Atholl Duncan: An inconvenient truth – Al Gore and Al Jazeera

YOU might not have noticed, but the USA is about to be invaded. Not by 'green monsters from Mars' but by something which many Americans regard with even greater suspicion

Jim Chisholm

Jim Chisholm: My first challenges at the Scottish Newspaper Society

NOTHING brought home to me more the variety, potential and opportunity of the Scottish newspaper industry than when I attended my first council meeting of the Scottish Newspaper

Atholl Duncan

Atholl Duncan: Why the BBC should not be privatised

AS the glorious floods of summer begin to subside, there are signs that Scottish journalism has entered the silly season a few downpours early with a piece in

Dorothy-Grace Elder

Dorothy-Grace Elder: Please, no more secretive PR

SCOTLAND remains a country of knee jerk secrecy, despite Freedom of Information and good Scottish Information Commissioners, past and present. Sometimes I wonder if, when Communism fell, the KGB’S

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