New Look Will ‘Sex Up’ Story Ideas

Yesterday, on Spike, it was reported that a new look is being prepared for the front page of allmediascotland.com.

Instead of ‘allnewswire’, the facility for organisations to post their media releases in front of visitors to the site is to be re-branded as ‘story ideas’ – since that’s what they are to the hundreds of journalists who read allmediascotland.com every day. And, instead of there being just two headlines showing, there will be at least ten.

And yesterday, there was the evidence why more headlines need to be displayed. Several media releases were posted, but only two headlines were shown. Spike particularly liked the tale of the Edinburgh-based company commissioned to design the online store for an international brand of vibrators (read here).

According to the Google Analytics website measuring system, almost 16,000 different people have visited allmediascotland.com within the last 30 days.

For more information on posting a media release on allmediascotland.com, click here.

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