Headline of the month: another contender

IT should have read the Borders town of ‘Hawick’, but a newly-erected road sign on a busy roundabout in Edinburgh has misspelled it, ‘Harwick’, prompting yesterday’s Scotsman newspaper to headline the tale, ‘Hawick Isn’t that R’d to Spell…’.

It’s the latest contender in allmediascotland’s Headline of the Month competition, in association with whisky folk, Whyte & Mackay.

Up for grabs each month are bottles of Whyte & Mackay Special whisky – for both the author of the headline and the person who has nominated it, with the monthly winners entered in a ‘Headline of the year’ competition where two bottles, each worth an estimated £150, of Whyte & Mackay 30 year-old are the prizes.

Eligible are headlines in Scottish newspapers (national and local), plus Scottish magazines and online.

It’s not yet known who came up with the Hawick headline. It was spotted by allmediascotland.com

Meanwhile, Spike was rather tickled by the headline gracing the front page of yesterday’s Edinburgh Evening News, accompanying a story about MSPs being given permission to claim back, as an expense, the cost of buying a Remembrance Day wreath.

It read ‘Poppycock’, except it was over two decks, meaning the word ‘Cock’ stood proudly, as it were, on its own.