Celebrity Chef Tale Produces Tasty Headline

Not surprisingly, given its proven track record on the clever headings front, The Scottish Sun was again in Michelin star form with its story revealing that Renfrewshire-born celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, is poised to rake in up to £5 million by selling a stake in his television company.

The foul-mouthed entrepreneur, who owns 12 restaurants and has four TV shows in the UK and the US, is expected to cash in, big time, when he sells his 50 per cent stake in One Potato, Two Potato – the company which makes all his TV shows

Production Company, All3Media, wants to buy the parent company of One Potato, Two Potato, set up by TV producers, Optomen, two years ago, and is prepared to pay up to £40 million.

And that tasty Scottish Sun heading? Gord’s F Wad.