The Boys Done Good

Readers of The Herald have been poking some gentle fun, in the paper’s letters’ columns, at the standard of speech by some of BBC Scotland’s football commentators.

Alistair Mackie, from Carluke, set the ball rolling on Monday by pointing out: “While watching the dire Scotland performance against the Czech Republic on BBC Scotland, I passed my time listening for the usual ungrammatical speech.

“I claim a record here. I heard: ‘If he had took it on his other foot’; ‘I think we’ve gave away too many free kicks’; ‘He can’t do nothing about it’; and ‘They thought the final whistle has went’.

“Where can we find commentators both knowledgeable and grammatical?”

Yesterday, Russell Campbell, from Stirling, chipped in with:”May I disagree with Alistair Mackie’s criticism of the ungrammatical speech of BBC Scotland football commentators. I thought they done a good job.”

Last night, Scotland narrowly lost to World and European champions, Spain, 2-3. They certainly done good.