Post phone appropriated for political parley

THE Sunday Post may have declared at the weekend that it is adopting an impartial stance as to who should win Thursday’s Scottish Parliament elections, but it found itself the other day providing SNP leader, Alex Salmond, free use of one of its mobile telephones.

In his Holyrood diary, the paper’s political editor, Campbell Gunn writes: “I was at Renfrew, waiting for a visit from the First Minister, when I received a call on my mobile from former First Minister, Henry McLeish.

“Seconds later, Mr Salmond’s car swept up and he stepped out. As he began to greet me, I told him I was on the phone to Mr McLeish.

“Mr Salmond took the phone from me, and the two First Ministers – one present and one past – had a friendly chat at The Sunday Post’s expense.

“They ended the conversation by agreeing to meet for a proper chat after the election.”