Name that headline

CAPTAINED by Clare Meikle, from the comms team at transport outfit, ScotRail, the ‘Prime Numbers’ certainly knew their sport, history and general knowledge last night, as they ran away with first prize at a quiz hosted by the Scottish division of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

And they clearly had also read their newspapers, getting an impressive three out of five correct from one particularly tough category, the Sunday headlines.

Given only the first letter of each word, each team was asked to identify the headlines from a selection of Sunday’s newspapers …

B R …I C (Sunday Herald)

L C A S A (Sunday Times)

T S F W O S A (Scotland on Sunday)

F B N (Scotland on Sunday)

W I G T Q (Daily Star of Scotland, Sunday)

Among the lame answers by the allmediascotland team, Big Result …in Cyprus (a reference to a narrow 2-1 win, two days before, by the Scotland men’s football team).

The correct answers were:

1. Berlusconi resigns… Italy celebrates

2. Lax controls at Scots airports

3. Teachers set for wave of strike action

4. Frankie’s bum note (X Factor story)

5. Why I’ve got to quit (a second X Factor story)