STV website editor does Loony Dook after losing weight loss bet

AN editor on one of the local news websites run by STV yesterday joined more than 1,000 bathers who braved a dip in the Firth of Forth.

Iain Pope – a former web editor at the Daily Record – was forced to wear a lime green-coloured mankini at the New Year Loony Dook, at South Queensferry, after losing a weight loss bet with fellow hack, Shaun Milne.

While Milne lost four stone, two pounds during last year, Pope – editor on STV Local’s Glasgow website – lost one stone.

Milne, now editor for STV Local’s network of 21 websites, is a former consulting editor at Edinburgh-based Deadline press agency and a former deputy editor at the then Scottish Daily Mirror having also been an associate news editor for the Record.

He began 2011 weighing in at 17st 2lbs, while Pope started out at 20st 11lbs. The plan was they would each lose five stone. The pair recorded their exploits on a dedicated website, twofatladdies.

Reporting for the Daily Record, Cameron Hay quotes Pope as saying: “I’ll definitely be doing [the Loony Dook] again in 2013 and I won’t need to lose a bet to do it either.”

Milne joined Pope for the swim, albeit without having to don a mankini.

The pair have raised more than a £1,000 for charity in the process. Visit here or here to donate.