What’s in a name?

JOURNALIST, Dorothy-Grace Elder, obviously enjoys cordial relations with some PR operations – despite her recent critical column in the allmediascotland.

No sooner had she been writing of the problems dealing with some in PR, notably in the public sector, than she needed to contact the media team at the Scottish Parliament.

First up, they were quick off the mark, in responding to her two questions.

“They are undoubtedly one of the best teams in public service, considering they are small in number, coping with a shedload of problems politicians cause,” the former MSP told allmediascotland.

But the clincher might have been the last par in the response, nodding to Elder’s barbs in her column about the names some PRs give themselves.

It read: “If you have any further questions regarding our client – The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland plc – please do not hesitate to contact me, Jakki, or any of my professional public relations colleagues Nikki, Trixi, Jemima, Nigell or Selia.”