‘Looming apocalypse’ has at least one Scots media figure reaching for the… er, mince pies

FROM skydiving to eating mince pies – several Scots media figures have revealed their final wish before they get blasted out in the apocalypse, predicted to happen on Friday.

Says The Scottish Sun, Clyde 1 presenter, Robin Galloway, says he would like to do a skydive even though he has never done one before. He is quoted in the paper, as saying: “Top of the things to do before Armageddon has to be a solo sky dive over Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.”

Former BBC Scotland weather presenter, Cat Cubie, meanwhile fancies going skiing or spending her final day with family. She is quoted, as saying: “My family are so important to me if the world does end on Friday then I’d like to be with them eating mince pies.

“Either that or I hope it snows and my boyfriend and I will go off skiing one last time.”

Elsewhere, Real Radio presenter, Cat Harvey, says: “I know this may sound mental but I’d really like to see a volcano in action.”

However, STV news presenter, John MacKay, does not believe the world will end on Friday as he has read it all before. He is quoted, as saying: “This is about the tenth time the world has been ending in my life time so I’m running out of last things to do.”

A New Age interpretation believes that cataclysmic events will occur on Friday as it marks the end of a 5,125 year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, notably used by the Mayan culture from around 3114 BC.